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Anderson Santiago, PLLC is a civil litigation law firm that focuses on fighting abusive debt collection tactics, often at no cost to our clients. We have extensive experience in court and on appeal, and take cases both big and small.

Seattle Debt Lawyer

The Problem

Some problems are too large to fix on our own. It can be hard to ask for help, and the thought of hiring a lawyer can be intimidating. It shouldn’t be.

When you need someone to fight for you, Anderson Santiago, PLLC is here to level the playing field. Our consultations are typically free. In some situations, we can take cases on a contingency fee arrangement (no cost to you unless we win).

The Debt Collector

When a debt collector won’t back down, and the calls keep coming, and the letters keep showing up, what do I do next? Can the debt collector do these things and say these things? Have they broken the law? How could a lawyer help when money is so tight? Would a lawyer even talk to us?

The Bait & Switch

I hired them to fix my roof, but when it started leaking again, I got a ladder and saw that they only stapled some plastic to my roof. Now my floors are ruined and I smell mold. Can I get my money back? Will my insurance cover this? What if someone got hurt because of this?

The Dispute

We run a small business and had to let someone go because he couldn’t show up to work on time. Now he filed a lawsuit against us, and we’re even losing business because of the lies he is spreading online about our company. How can he sue us? Can we sue him back? What are my rights?


DEBT COLLECTION ABUSE. Anderson Santiago, PLLC is known for its work in defending individuals from abusive debt collection practices. Debt collectors are bound by many state and federal laws, and can be subject to monetary penalties for breaking these laws.
CONSUMER PROTECTION. If you pay money for something and end up hurt or not getting what you paid for (a defective product, a contractor who puts a lien on your home, etc.), we may be able to help. If you are losing a home to foreclosure or have other financial troubles that become legal troubles, we may be able to help.
CIVIL LITIGATION. We are comfortable in the courtroom and handle a variety of lawsuits, both large and small, for businesses and for individuals.
APPEALS. We come from a track record of published victories in state and federal court.
MEDIATION. We provide mediation services and represent clients in all stages of mediation or other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) proceedings.






Seattle Debt Lawyer


Seattle Lawyer


Jason Anderson has spent the better part of a decade representing creditors and debt buyers in both state and federal court. There, he learned the ins and outs of the industry and saw firsthand how it preys on vulnerable consumers – especially consumers without legal representation.

Jason Anderson made a 180-degree pivot in his practice. He founded Anderson Santiago, PLLC to restore balance in the system and provide access to justice for consumers and anyone else who has been exploited or treated unfairly. Jason now represents consumers in disputes with debt collectors, and also uses his considerable experience to seek fair and just resolutions for clients in other areas, including employment law, personal injuries, and foreclosure defense.

Prior to acquiring his experience in civil litigation, Jason (a native Seattleite) attended the University of Washington School of Law, worked for Justice Susan Owens at the Washington State Supreme Court, and spent a year as a law clerk for a King County Superior Court Judge. In his free time, Jason enjoys spending time with his family and exploring new restaurants, both near and far.

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Tyler Santiago became a partner at the firm when he joined in 2015. Tyler met Jason when the two worked side-by-side at a national law firm. Their paths then diverged when Tyler pursued a career as a deputy prosecuting attorney, where he honed his craft in the courtroom as a trial attorney.

Although he enjoyed serving the public, Tyler transitioned back into private practice because he strongly believed in the mission of Anderson Santiago, PLLC and that he could make a difference in the lives of his clients. He graduated with honors from both Seattle University (School of Law) and University of Alaska Anchorage, all while working full time.

Prior to attending law school, Tyler worked as a victim witness coordinator for the District Attorney in Anchorage, Alaska, where he found his calling in the law. It is there that he learned to wear the white hat, as his mentor used to say. Tyler applies his mentor’s teachings to his practice every day.

In his free time, Tyler enjoys spending time with his wife and four children, exploring all that Washington has to offer. Tyler attributes his motivation and success to his family, who inspire him daily.

T. Tyler Santiago
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